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Harini Chandrasekar is an Industrial Designer with a specialization in textiles from India’s premier design school, The National Institute of Design. The prestigious Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Sweden as well as the Politechnico Di Milano in Italy added to her education and international perspective. She then went on to teach courses such as design concepts and concerns, print-making, sustainability and craft and strategic design thinking while working with several global clients across Sweden, Italy, Finland and India. She is currently enrolled in the Global Marketing Communication & Advertising program at Emerson College to add a new dimension to her skills. Harini hopes to integrate creativity with management to create new and engaging ideas in the field of marketing communication.

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Bull Dozing.

Harini Chandrasekar

Not having access to the internet/ television / telephone these last few days (peaceful and painful at once!) gave me an opportunity to reflect upon several memories. Often, it felt as if days stretched on endlessly and time stood still. Made me reminisce about an incident in Ahmedabad, India when I battled insane traffic to reach an art exhibition only to be stopped by a lazy herd of cows who had decided to settle down in the middle of the street for their afternoon siesta. No amount of cajoling would tempt the holy animals away from their space and everything around came to a grinding halt. Once again, time stood still. How many cows can you spot hidden in this herd?